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Artists Listed from S to Z

Artists Listed from S to Z

Charlotte SchuldCharlotte Schuld:  Painter
Edwardo SetienEdwatrdo Setien:  Contemporary Artist using applied oils on wood and canvas using fingers and hands.
Aimee ShattuckAimee Shattuck:  Painter
Michelle ShawMichelle Shaw:  Fine Art Photography
Toni Silber-DeleriveToni Silber-Delerive  Acrylic Artist
Lynette SlapeLynette Slape:  Portrait Artist using acrylics.
Brittany StoutBrittany Stout:  Contemporary Artist using Pastels.
Sarah SwisherSarah Swisher:  Water Colorist
Jennifer TaylorJennifer Taylor - Oil and Mixed Media Artist
Yvette TiptonPainter:  Acrylic and Oil Mediums
Michael TollesonMichael Tolleson:  Abstract and Landscape Artist
Greg TroutGreg Trout:  Photography and paper collage.
Shelley WheelerShelley Wheeler:  Artist and Sculptor
Trina WilkoTrina Wilko:  Artist and Published Author
Sarah WoolleySarah Woolley:  Painter

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