Shelley's Biography:
Shelley grew up in the Midwest, along the Missouri River, and still carries with her that small town sensibility.   Shelley says she is one of the last generations in America who did not have all the technology, we have today, while she was growing up.   Shelley states this forced her to use her imagination and Shelley thanks the universe for that everyday.   Shelley says she is very lucky to have a wonderful husband who has supported her both emotionally and artistically through her career by giving her the freedom to pursue her dreams.

Shelley began her artistic journey from a small child.  Shelley recalls making sculptures with her mashed potatoes as a child.  As her artistic abilities evolved, she began painting what she saw in her mind.  

Shelley is currently involved in the Auburn Valley Creative Arts and will be participating in the Auburn Farmers Market every Sunday through the end of the season.

Shelley began her professional career as a sculptor.  Currently Shelley is working with pastels but she makes just about everything. 

Shelley’s Personal Statement:
"When you are an artist, all you can think about is art.   I am either creating some kind of art work, or I am thinking about creating my next piece of art.   I don’t know if it's good art, that's not for me to decide... I leave that to the art critics.   I am only racing myself in this game, and as long as I am giving it my all, the rest of it is out of my hands."

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Shelley Wheeler works in sculpture and drawing. She plays on the medium of her choice and she plays close attention to art history.  Her piece Study of Pablo Picasso’s Figures on a Beach, shows that she studied Picasso’s technique, use of color, and subject matter.  Wheeler’s sculpture, Crack my Neck, is a humorous work that most viewers would be able to see.
Appropriated work is a contemporary concept in the art world.  With technology becoming more advanced, it is easy for others to search artwork and manipulate the image to their own being.  Wheeler’s study of Picasso was completely hers but the concept was taken from Picasso.  Just as artist, Andy Warhol worked with appropriated imagery; Warhol took the Campbell soup can and recreated the image to create his own piece of art also.
Listen to Shelley Wheeler's Interview on An Artist Speaks.
This is a delightful, upbeat and humorous show which I'm sure you will enjoy.
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