About the Artist:
Sharon Hawkshawe was born in Dayton, OH and raised in Columbia, MD.  Her mother is a published author and her father was an artist and architect before his death.  Sharon has been painting all of her life, specializing in the use of acrylic and oil paints.  Sharon’s topics cover the most basic of human experience through the use of abstract and impressionistic landscape work.  Sharon’s work has been viewed in:  Washington, D.C.; Miami, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Tampa, FL; Orlando, FL; Key West, FL; Johnson City, TN; Charlotte, NC and more.   Sharon also co-authored a book of poetry under her num de plum, Sharon Belle; entitled, Songs of the Soul.  Her artwork is also featured throughout, including the front cover.  Sharon is currently awaiting release of her newest book of poetry, entitled A Soul Speaks.   This book also features new art work, not seen by the public.


Artist Statement:
"I paint because I have no other choice but to do so.  There is another realm of consciousness inside of me that can only speak through the movement of paint as it is applied to a canvas.  Each one of my canvases has a message.  I cannot imagine life without my work.  It keeps me balanced, grounded and content.

I never plan my canvases; which is the complete opposite of my life.  I intuitively know days before I begin what size canvas I will be using.  I never know what the canvas will look like, once completed.  However, I do know what feeling it will omit.  Once I begin painting, the first couple of color choices are again instinctual.  After the design becomes evident, I then begin to methodically choose colors.  This is so I can build a balanced, visually pleasing, painting.  My paintings are about color first, design second.  Color is the vehicle used in order to deliver the intended message.

The collection I am currently working on is some of my most exciting work.  I am using a combination of photographs, oil, and acrylic paints on canvas.  These new pieces are nurturing, organic, calming as well as exhilarating.  The challenges these canvases have presented me have electrified me.  They have brought me much joy.  I can only hope the same to those, who will eventually see this new collection."

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

There are artists like, Mark Rothko who created work that discussed the relationship between colors.  There are artists like, Kandinsky whose shapes and colors illustrated a deeper sense of life and inspired by music.  Then there is, Sharon Hawkshawe; an artist who uses color and shape to allow herself to become lost on the canvas.  There is movement and pattern in Hawkshawe’s pieces, allowing the viewer to also become entranced in the subject.  She leaves her brush strokes visible to leave her mark.
Hawkshawe not only paints but also works in photography.  Her subject matter alludes to her painting history.  Homage to Monet, Hawkshawe photographed the same bridge that appeared in Monet’s The Japanese Footbridge in 1899.  Hawkshawe’s documentary photography captures what has inspired artists for centuries.
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Sharon is funny, entertaining and poignant.

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