About the Artist:
Sean Koziel is an artist from, Illinois. He enjoys working with acrylics and oils. Sean mostly paints landscapes of late, but has completed plenty of abstract art and Neo-Geometric art in the past. Sean likes to take photos of places he has traveled to and then tries to capture the atmosphere of the moment in his paintings. Sean graduated from Illinois State University in 1998 with a, BA in Fine Art. Sean, sadly, put down his paint brushes for the following 10 years.  However, he is back to the canvas now and painting feverishly!

Artist Statement:
"I hope my paintings are able to convey a mood, capture a moment, or build an environment that the viewer can relate to.  I Hope you enjoy!!!"
Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Sean Koziel is a trained artist who put his paint brushes down, right after college.  He came back to creating art, 10 years later, and has become stronger in his work.  In college, Koziel created pieces with humor that were geometric; such as, Vader.  Starting in 2008, he began to focus more on landscapes.

Koziel’s earlier works are reminiscent of Paul, Abbott, and Lia Drei.  All three artists used squares and color blocks to develop pieces. Now, Koziel’s subject matter can be related to realist landscape painters; such as, William Hagerman.  The good thing about Koziel’s work is that his brushwork changes, based on subject matter.  Mt. Sabina, for example, shows more texture while his brushwork can hardly be detected in Mt. Rision.
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