With a new year comes new opportunity!  We started the year looking at the interpretaition of "Cityscapes".  Some were literally, while others were not.  Nevertheless, we had the great pleasure to meet some excellent artists and we are proud to share our discoveries with you.  If this is any indication of what 2014 holds in store for us,.... well then we are all very lucky!  

Enjoy the exhibition and come back next month to join us for the "All Animals" Exhibition.
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The CAGO Art Competition Committee
Lorraine Potocki
                        Th City  
               Pastels,  List Price $900                             

Loriane works in pastels, acrylic, and oils.  Her style ange from realisti to abstract. Loriane's work, no matter what the medium, is alway about an exploration of color, compositon, and emotion.

Eva-Lynn Loy
Spring in the City City Rhythms Beckoning
Acrylic, List Price $975 Acrylic, List Price $950 Acrylic, List Price $600
Eva-Lynn's artistic vision often reflects an image with new colors that show the spirit of the subject rather than how it might, actually, appear.  Since moving to the beautiful Monadnock region of New Hampshire in 2004, her passion for creating art was, joyfully, reignited.  Eva-Lynn lets the painting speak to her and allows the painting to have its own voice.                                                                                
Katie Prunner-Grey    
Katie’s work explores both the drama and cultures of life that make up ones individuality. I blend vivid colors and vibrancy to convey experiences that make up the fabrics of my life. The goal of her art is to express herself by creating a fantastical world from the ordinary life.

Sharon Hawkshawe    
Any Beach Town, USA Any Small Town, USA Any Small Town 2, USA
Photogarphy, List Price $50 Photography, List Price $50 Photography, List Price $50

Sharon's newest passion is photography.  She enjoys the portability and instant result  gratification photography affords.  Sharon is a professional painter and published author.                                                                                                          

Russell Lemond   
Little Rock Skyline Little Rock Skyline Little Rock Skyline
Aluminum Sculpture, List Price $1200 Aluminum Sculpture, List Price $1200 Aluminum Sculpture, Lits Price $1200

"Raw Industrial" is the term Russell likes to use to describe the sculpture and furniture he has been experimenting with and designing since 2004. Over the course of those years he has come to realize that the relationship of patterns, spaces, shapes and color lay at the heart of everything that comes out of the studio. Some say "think outside the box" –Russell says there is no box!

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