Ginny Baughman
America the Beautiful Miss Liberty  The Patriot
Acrylic Found Object Found Object
$800 $500 $400

Through my art I want to promote a dialogue about ideas that are close to my heart. I am interested in the human, particularly feminine figure as it relates to different aspects of everyday life: from motherhood to global warming.
I allow my artwork to develop as I work, weaving a story and leaving the conclusions up to my viewer's own interpretation. I work as an author, poet, or musician creating narrative that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. These interpretations are what makes creating art so intriguing and rewarding, because I never know how my work will be comprehended.
My ideas about femininity, our earth, and life in general, flow through the figures that I create, they show my concepts literally on their bodies as if I am speaking through them to my viewers. I hope that they will spark a discussion about the issues that are important to me.
Renee Kahn
              My Flag
My goal is to create the maximum intensity using the least amount of means. The purpose of this simplicity is for the viewer to focus on the colors, body language and the design of the painting.  Color rendering emotion is the prime ingredient of my work.
Barbara McIntyre
Stars, Stripes and Bones
Mixed Media Assemblage

Barbara McIyntre is a national award winning assemblage artist, working in collage and assemblage for over 10 years.
Ernie Fournet
Final Tribute The Bugler Under Colors
Acrylic Acrylic Pen and Ink
$8000 $3000 $1200
My art is a reflection of my observations of life in southern Louisiana.

My subjects include people in costume: police officers in uniform or S.W.A.T gear, masqueraders of Mardi Gras, Native Americans in powwow regalia, Celtic and Laotian cultural dancers………….and, occasionally, area animals.

I consider myself a contemporary realist and like working with freehand airbrush for the photographic “soft edge” quality of the media. I also like drawing with graphite, colored pencil and, sometimes, pen & ink for variety.

I received my art education from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1975 and from Louisiana State University with a Masters of Fine Arts in 1977.
David Nau
            America Works

Unemployed designer returning to my first love, watercolor painting to enhance body, mind, and spirit.
Loretta Menendian
The Fall The Emerald Coast The 4th of July
Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
$900 $875 $125
Born in New York City. Attended Pratt Institute.Art Students league. Columbus College of Art & Design and OWC with a Multimedia Technology Degree.Worked in the animation field for 8 years. Had my own business designing Christian Tee Shirts. Illustrated a children's book just published and working on another. I work primarily in Acrylics, Watercolor and Colored pencils Teach art at NorthWestFloridaState College. My philosophy of art is to create with color and feelings within ones self.

I have been an artist all my life. I teach non credit courses at North West Florida State college. Acrylics, watercolor, and colored pencil. I have illustrated a book for children and is now in publication. The title is White Cloud and his Magic Lasso. I love to paint Flowers , Beaches, and Birds that are in my area, Abstract and realistic. My philosophy of art is to install in the viewer the use of color and imagination and curiosity.
Leslie Zukor
Freedom Bench
I'm a photographer, who enjoys making the mundane interesting. In my work, I emphasize bringing out the colors and textures of old benches, buildings, and landscapes. Freedom Bench is my commentary on America, as the fading paint and various textures represent the imperfections of the United States. However, through seeing the cracks and chips, we can fight to make things better. Thus, in addition to being a social commentary, this bench has the power to uplift.
Hannah Beck
Proud to Be Pastel
Hannah Beck, pastel artist, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, holds a Masters Degree in Art Education with a concentration in Art Therapy. Following a gratifying teaching career, Hannah began pursuing her dream of becoming a working artist, choosing Pastel as her medium. After the concept and structure of the painting is developed, pastel pigment is layered, stroke-by-stroke, planting the mood for each painting with bold and subtle color variations, giving each painting life and connection. In Hannah’s words, “The vibrant quality of pastels and the direct tactile connection to the surface, drive compositions that portray a tranquil environment with a focal point that speaks to my ultimate inner peace. Expressing life experiences through art is my natural focus. To connect with the viewer, by seeing, feeling and experiencing the world we inhabit, is the ultimate goal.”
Ruth Canada
American Eagle Eagle Wings of Change
Acrylic and Mixed Media Giclee Reproduction Mixed Medium
$275 $150 $500
I paint "Birds with an Attitude" in my signature palette of vibrant colors. Art has always been my passion and I enjoy sharing my closeness to nature through the wildlife around me. I studied fine art at Northern Illinois University and commercial art at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Now I just paint what I love.

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