Hillary Heckard
Glass/Mixed Media
Among all water there is movement and stillness. This notion of balance describes the process of glass making and my perception of its transformation from a liquid to solid state of being within a three dimensional space. The interrelationship between the glass and I can be seen as a complex array of choreographed movements mapping out a timeline of events.
Toni Silber-Delerive
Carnival South Africa Suburb Stare Mesto German Houses Pink and Green Fields
Oil on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas
$4200 $4200 $4200 $4500 $1700
Toni studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. A Manhattan-based artist and graphic designer, my work is represented in museums, private and corporate collections.   
Ernie Fournet
Pink Towell Fat Tuesdays, Tall Clown Muses of Masquerade
Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
$3000 $3000 $3000
Ernie considesr himself a contemporary realist and likes working with freehand airbrush, for the photographic “soft edge” quality of the media.  Ernie also likes drawing with graphite, colored pencil and, sometimes, pen & ink.
Cindy Robinson
Art Blue Man Paper Flowers
Mixed Media Acrylic Mixed Media
$550 $450 $400
Cindy is a self taught artist who lives and has a studio in Providence, Rhode Island. Cindy is inspired by people she has met and places she has gone as subjects for her paintings.
William "Ike" Garlington
Cavalcade of Color Abstract Kalediscope Bill
Oil Pastel & Mixed Media on Paper Oil Pastel & Mixed Media on Paper Colored Pencil & Ink on Bristol Paper
$200 $200 $100
Ike is a self represented artist in Little Rock, Arkansas. He studied art in college and returned to it after a lengthy layoff. Ike prefers to work in mixed media on paper. Ike has been told his work is fun and quirky. Ike is also a serious figure drawer. A pencil and paper are by far his favorite art medium.
Robert Andes
Autumn In The Doorway Parc Rene Le Gall Paris Lunch Afternoon in Luxembourg Park
Oil  Oil Oil Oil Oil
$2500 $2000 $2000 $2200 $1800
Robert describes himself as a colorist first and foremost.  He is fascinated with the interaction of color and its temperature.  Robert finds it fascinating that we perceive reflected light as color. 
Robert teaches art at Northwest Arkansas Community College.  Robert says Art is an illusion that both the viewer and he create. He makes work that plays with depth perception and emotion, which allows him to capture an inner monologue.  Robert abstract some areas and paints others more representational or true to form.  Robert creates an interactive piece of art; the eye is confused by color, depth, and of the hidden emotion of the subject.
Lisa Schneider
Yellow Foxglove poppies
Photography Photography Photography
$60 $60 $60
Lisa Schneider is a photographer from South Carolina.
Trina Wilko
Chill Seascape Poirer
Mixed Media on Paper Acrylic on Paper Mixed Media on Paper
$500 $275 $500

Trina Wilko is a university professor.  She holds both a BFA and Master's of Education in the Arts from McGill University.  Trina’s  current  work reflects her goal to achieve aesthetic balance regardless of figurative of abstract content; to adapt formalist composition of line, shape, space, texture and color out of chaos; to release her subliminal spirit through the materials in an expressionist process; and to connect to the viewer through the mood.
Karen Ferrer
Bridge Key Lime Purple Haze Raspberry Beret Salsa Verde
Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic on Canvas
$350 $350 $350 $350 $350
Karen ferrer is from Arlington, Texas.  Her abstract works are inspired by natural forms and by the joy of playing with color.
Brittany Stout
Iris Yellow Pink Peony Rainbow of Tulips
Pastel Pastel Pastel
$650 $650 $650

Brittany Stout studied art at MSU Bozeman. She received her BFA in Painting/Drawing in 2006. The artist, who also works with colored pencils and watercolors, has worked with pastels for over ten years and enjoys the immediacy of the medium as well as the vibrancy of its colors. Born and raised in Montana, Stout finds inspiration for her work in the breathtaking skies, stunning mountainous regions, and beautiful gardens and vegetation.
Sharon Hawkshawe
Plasma Speres of Influence Expulsion
Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic

IP Pang
New Fashion Series:  New Mans Suit Modern People's Life Sea and Sun
Acylic/Oil Acrylic/Oil Acrylic/Oil
$6000 $30000 $30000

IP Pang's artworks are inspired by life experiences,people and creative process.
Tina Puckett
Mandala1 Mandala 2 Mandala Rectangle
Fiber/Dyed Reeds Fiber/Dyed Reeds Fiber/Dyed Reeds
$4800 $4800 $4800

AMERICAN MASTER WEAVER TINA PUCKETT is a self-taught artist who has been weaving since 1981.  Tina is much influenced by the bittersweet vine that grows locally in the northwest corner of Connecticut where she lives. The character of each piece of vine literally dictates what form each basket, bowl, wall sculpture or piece of furniture will take. As Tina then applies her imagination and sense of color to the structural form and to the weaving, indescribably dynamic and colorful works of art emerge.

Tina's study of set design in college developed her understanding of both color and construction. She has created her own weaving technique, which she calls "Dimensional Weaving," in which she lays down layer upon layer of reeds of different colors to produce multi-hued, richly-textured, highly dimensional woven sculpture. This technique is clearly seen in the different shades of color that define the petals in Tina's giant flower sculptures and the mountains in her woven landscape sculptures. With her knowledge of construction, Tina is able to build very sturdy pieces of furniture on legs of twisted bittersweet vine. Adding a beveled glass surface to a table top allows visual appreciation of the colorful dimensional weaving throughout a table's bittersweet frame.

Tina's works have been exhibited in museums, art galleries, libraries and at craft show events both nationally and internationally. Her work has also been featured in magazines, newspapers, books and on television.
Rachel Thomas
Summer Gold Heaven Come Down Red Gloves
Oil Acrylic and Oil Watercolor and Charcoal
$550 $1500 $300
Rachel Thomas is an award winning artist, with a B.F.A. in Art from Valdosta State University.  Rachel work involves strong contrasting colors, vividly loose brushstrokes, and deep content.  Rachael gets her inspiration from the observance of the relationships between creation and the Creator.

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