Mark McDonnell

About the Artist:
Mark McDonnell is a Master Carpenter, and has been designing for more than 30 years.  Mark has become known for his custom work, and installations.   Happily married for 27 years, he and his wife Laura have five wonderful children.  Mark creates his magnificent work in his studio; which he has named, Blacksnake Furniture.  The studio is named after the mated pair of blacksnakes, that quietly share his shop with him.

Mark McDonnell produces what he calls “Functional Art."  Indeed, his work is appropriately named.  Enjoy the images of his work below.  All pieces are available for sale.  (The sales price includes a basic shipping cost for the 48 mainland states.   Please note:  Some areas might incur additional shipping costs.)

Mark's Artist Statement:
"My furniture always starts out as a single slab, board, or even stick of wood.  Wood is truly an amazing material.  It's a material that begs to be showcased in the most provocative, yet useful. ways.  I want people to stop, consider and appreciate a finished piece, that completes the materials life cycle."

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Mark McDonnell’s work is both functional and decorative.  People often forget that furniture is just another medium in the decorative arts. McDonnell has a beautiful aesthetic from the very top of the table to the table's feet.  Art Glass Table is the most unique of his work.  The rectangle and circle are the most common shapes associated with tables.  In this piece, McDonnell uses triangles, ovals, and organic shapes for assembly.  Art Glass Table becomes a sculpture that would look amazing in a gallery or in a home.
William Fry was an American decorative artist in the 1800’s.  He also created furniture that could also be sculpture.  One piece that stands out is his Mantel made in 1858-1868.  The piece is made out of oak and carved to look like vines wrapped together. Furniture can still be art and artists such as McDonnell are testing the aesthetic lengths of the functional table as we know it.
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