About the Artist:
Katie  began painting at Luther North High.   Katie attended Columbia College in Chicago, where she earned a BFA in Art & Design.  During Katie’s freshman year of college, she worked as an apprentice artist at Gallery 37.   Katie then progressed to the Art Students League, in New York.

Since then, Katie has been featured in one person and group shows throughout Chicago and New York. In addition, Katie has designed and painted dozens of murals for New York schools, events, homes, and historical sites like the Stanton Island Ferry Station for a NYC Best Chefs reception. Katie has also collaborated with fellow artists to create a “Peace” mural for Lasalle Bank seen by thousands daily on the Kennedy Expressway.

Katie's Artist Statement:
“I aim to express form through organic fluidity and vibrant colors of my paintings.  My work explores both the drama and cultures of life that make up ones individuality.  I blend vivid colors and vibrancy to convey experiences that make up the fabrics of my life.  The goal of my art is to express myself by creating fantastical worlds, from the ordinary life.”

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Form is the key element to Katie M. Puenner-Gray’s landscape paintings.  She wants to capture natural forms in the environment and use bright colors to heighten their beauty.   Puenner-Gray’s landscapes are places the viewer can relate to.  The viewer can see him/herself walking through the woods in Pathway of Light or imagine what the skyline looks like to his/her hometown when viewing Sweet Home Chicago.  Her paintings draw the spectators in with familiarity.

Puenner-Gray’s shapes and colors make her stand out from just being another landscape painter.  Fred Fieber is another artist who focused on form in landscapes.  He made simple landscapes, which more focused on the form of the trees, grass, background, etc. and using color to capture the audience.  Puenner-Gray and Fieber have similarities in their pieces but Puenner-Gray combines realism and form to make her work unique.
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