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Fine art printing has rapidly changed in the past 20 years. Let's go back in time and find out what happened. Prior to giclee printmaking lithography was the best way to reproduce original artwork.  Lithography was invented in Germany in 1789.  Lithography prints are made from plates.  These plates are expensive and can only produce 4 color prints.  Towards the end of the 1980s, Iris Graphics introduced the Iris printing system to proof commercial pre-press before going to plate.  Nash Editions in California saw the new machines potential to be more than proofing devices. The company is arguably the pioneer in creating a market for the giclée print reproduction market.  As modern technology continues to advance, the quality of prints will continue to increase.  The most economical way to bring fine art into your home and/or office, is by acquiring reproductions.  If you are a collector, concentrate your acquisitions on the limited edition series.  You will see increase in value as time goes by.  Start your collection today with one of our fine reproductions below. 

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A Dance with Skirts (SKU: JL1109)A Dance with Skirts (SKU: JL1109)
American Dream (SKU: FC1002)American Dream (SKU: FC1002)
Aztec Mask (SKU: JL1105)Aztec Mask (SKU: JL1105)
Be Free Sign (SKU: FC1006)Be Free Sign (SKU: FC1006)
Be Still (SKU: SWO1001)Be Still (SKU: SWO1001)
Belmont Shore Home (SKU: DL1001)Belmont Shore Home (SKU: DL1001)
Bird House (SKU: FC1008)Bird House (SKU: FC1008)
Bon Jovi in Purple (SKU: AS1003)Bon Jovi in Purple (SKU: AS1003)
Bubble Glacier (SKU: JL1107)Bubble Glacier (SKU: JL1107)
Bubbles (SKU: FC1001)Bubbles (SKU: FC1001)
Building (SKU: BH1001)Building (SKU: BH1001)
Building's Reflection (SKU: FC1010)Building's Reflection (SKU: FC1010)
Cafe 50's (SKU: FC1013)Cafe 50's (SKU: FC1013)
Chamuco Rolling Over Houston (SKU: JCC1004)Chamuco Rolling Over Houston (SKU: JCC1004)
City Streets Reproduction (SKU: PSOP103)City Streets Reproduction (SKU: PSOP103)
Converse Shoes (SKU: FC1011)Converse Shoes (SKU: FC1011)
Cyclopedic Reproduction (SKU: PLAP019)Cyclopedic Reproduction (SKU: PLAP019)
Death and the Search for Peace Reproduction (SKU: PLAP016)Death and the Search for Peace Reproduction (SKU: PLAP016)
Door (SKU: BH1002)Door (SKU: BH1002)
Dreamy Orange (SKU: FC1003)Dreamy Orange (SKU: FC1003)
Effigy of Baba Ramdez (SKU: JL1106)Effigy of Baba Ramdez (SKU: JL1106)
Emergence Reproduction (SKU: PLAP011)Emergence Reproduction (SKU: PLAP011)
Empty Promises (SKU: FC1014)Empty Promises (SKU: FC1014)
Encryption Reproduction (SKU: PLAP029)Encryption Reproduction (SKU: PLAP029)
Endless Road (SKU: FC1004)Endless Road (SKU: FC1004)
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