CAGO Most Commonly Asked Questions

What makes Contemporary Art Gallery Online Different from the other online galleries?  ~CAGO is owned and operated by professional artists and business people who appreciate art.  We are not in the business to exploit emerging artists, but to expose their work to as many potential buyers as possible.  We do all the work, because we know you are busy trying to create!

Why should I promote my artwork on the Internet?  ~More and more people shop online each year.  Individuals are purchasing homes, cars, clothes and yes art, online.  The Internet is always working for you.  It never sleeps!  An online presence coupled; with other avenues of promotion is the winning combination to increase your sells.

Does Contemporary Art Gallery Online promote artists work anywhere else other than online?  ~CAGO publishes a quarterly catalog that is distributed to design firms, galleries and collectors across the country.  We also publish an annual art book, showcasing the best work from each of our artist.  Our book has an ISBN number, so our book can be sent to libraries as well.  CAGO also participates in some of the largest art shows in the country.   These are just a few examples of how we promote your work.

How many works can I display?  ~Currently there is no limit to how many works can be displayed.

How do I join Contemporary Art Gallery Online?   ~Complete the members application by clicking on the link and send 3 to 5 works for our review.  It takes approximately a week for a decision.  Once you are approved, send as many images, a biography and the administration fee.

Is there a cost to join Contemporary Art Gallery Online?  ~Yes, there is an initial fee.  Compared to most of the online art websites, our fees are inexpensive.    We are in the business of promoting your business!  We are NOT a warehouse of artist’s names.  We do not email you everyday, week and month trying to sell you something else. The initial membership fee covers the initial set up of the pages that are created to promote you and your artwork.  The fee also includes all advertising, your radio show interviews and the inclusion in our catalogs and annual book.  This fee is $275.00  or you can establish a monthly automatic billing for as low as $25.00.

How do I upload my files?  ~You don’t!!  Send everything to us and we do all the work.  We want to make sure you are seen in the best possible light as well as being seen as often as possible.

Why is my bio so important?  ~People are not simply buying a piece of artwork – they are buying you!  So, it is very important to tell your story.  We have also created CAGO Media.  CAGO Media operates our radio and video broadcasts.  Through CAGO Radio, we are aiiring a 15 minute bi-monthlyy series called The Business of Art Show.  You can listen to episodes of this show, on our Media TAB.   Also airing bi-monthly is An Artist Speaks.   This is a 30 minute radio interview with you!   Your biography is very important as we incorporate your bio into our shows.  Share your interview with potential buyers and collectors.  This is one more way, to promote you and your art.    

How long does it take to get online, once I’m approved?  ~Once approved, it will take 5 to 7 business days to load all your information on the site.

How will I know, I’m active?  ~We send you an email, once you’re loaded and live.

Is there an annual membership fee?  ~Yes, there is a niminal fee.  It is $275.00 to become a member.  After your first year, a membership fee of $150.00 per year will be automatically be billed to your credit card.  This fee covers your ongoing maintenance of your files and advertising.  Again this can be billed in monthly installments.

Do I need to be able to accept credit and/or debit cards?  ~No, you do not.  We are the transactional brokers for you.

How do I collect my money, when I sell a piece of artwork?  ~Once you send us the tracking number of the shipment, we will either mail a check to you or send the payment to your PayPal Account.  We prefer the later!

Are there any additional costs?  ~Only when you sell!  There is a 30% transactional fee deducted from the list sales price.  This covers the credit card terminal fees and administrative costs associated with the sell.  That’s It!!

What does the Artist Agreement cover?  ~ You can review the agreement.  The link is below.

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