Edwardo's Biography:
Edwardo currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida.  He has been a professional artist for over twenty years and has had more than 100 exhibitions.  He has received numerous art awards and accolades.  Edwardo is a high selling artist, having sold over 200 pieces of artwork.  

From the moment Edwardo discovered painting he became immersed in what he considers one of  his greatest gifts.  As a child, growing up,  Edwardo orriginally wanted to be a writer but writing a book was laborious and lonely.  

Edwardo’s Personal Statement:
"Painting is freeing.  I can communicate more of my feelings and in a shorter period of time, especially if the inspiration is strong.  I still write poetry.  However; my passion is painting."
Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Cubist portraits are abstract.  Pablo Picasso would create faces that were unrealistic and where proportions were lost.  Georges Braque, a fellow Cubist painter, would create portraits where it seems as if their face was cut up and reassembled.  Edwardo Setien creates portraits similar to Picasso and Braque.
Portraits are personal.  A viewer can be staring at a person they do not know yet trying to find out their secrets, their stories, and why they were important enough to be recreated in art.  Setien adds another level of intimacy by having themes of health.  His DNA series combines the science behind the being of a person and visually creating the abstract portrait.  Even when the subject matter does not include a face, he has developed a way of creating new profiles.

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