About the Artist:
I was born in the small town of Millington Tennessee, just outside of Memphis.  I have spent much of my life in the south as have my ancestors.  To me this is important only because it shaped my personality in terms of tradition and hospitality.  No matter the city I may live in, I will always be a small town girl at heart.  Growing up in Ohio, I felt most at home sprinting through the corn fields, post-harvest, or walking on a leaf scattered forest trail.  I learned love and respect for our world.  I appreciated our connection. I went to college in Fort Wayne Indiana at the University of Saint Francis.  Here I searched for my focus and fell into printmaking illustration, which ignited a fire.  My theme varied at the time but kept circling back.  Now I know why and this is what my images display.  Currently I live in San Diego, California with my Navy husband, Danny, whom I met in high school.  We live in the heart of it all with our dog, Bently.

Ashley's Artist Statement:
“The Process of Growth”
"Growth is the changing and developing of one form, body, or unit into a similar but further developed and evolved version of the original.  It is a necessary and an unstoppable part of life.  Even through avoidance, it will ultimately win.  Like the crashing tide against sheer rock cliffs; erosion will conquer.  In taking part of this inevitable metamorphosis; what do we leave behind? What do we lose? What do we become? Growth is an ever-developing event that never truly ends. No one and nothing actually stops. Growth is change. Change, both resisted and embraced initiates refreshment, reverberations and recognition. In my printmaking illustration I look at the process of growth, what it means to grow, the emotions we feel during these shifts in life and the sacrifices that are made along the way.  I look often in a bittersweet, semi cynical but consistently nostalgic manner.  I show this in two styles through the imagery of the human form and the imagery of our surroundings; specifically trees, flowers, foxes, and deer.  I believe that people and these specific choices can visually and symbolically hold similarities and their stories are similar.  It is my thought that growth can be both wonderful and sinister, but more so amusing.  To sit back and realize the gears are turning, at the very instant is a moment of awe.  In these moments you have the ability to value and affect the course at hand.  I want people to be able to look at my work and empathize with images they see. To recognize the feelings they have once or maybe currently have felt.  I want to provoke a sense of empowerment over others growth and encourage  the embracement of their constant evolution. I do not fear growth nor am I intimidated by change. Embrace the events before you. Recognize what is happening, and then take it a step further to enrich what you value most. Growth is change. It will not stop for me and it certainly will not stop for you."

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

Ashley Peters has made a multitude of prints all surrounding the theme of growth. She uses nature as well as the naked body to talk about the different aspects of growth. One of her strongest pieces, Anything for You, uses the body and fluid color against the harsh black city. This piece relates to her upbringing growing up with small town themes and values.

A few of Peters’ prints can remind the viewer of Japanese woodblock prints. Peters’ uses mostly muted colors but allows deep blues to make a presence. Once Upon a Time, Poor Little Sally, and You and I can relate to the textures, shapes, and colors of Katsushika Hokusai, the artist of the famous print The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
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