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Contemporary Art Gallery Online specializes in the contemporary art form.  Contemporary Art is defined as, artistic work from the present era that uses the current practices and styles of its discipline.  Although the words "Modern Art" and "Contemporary Art" are used interchangeably, they do represent two distinctive moments on the art timeline.  Modern Art encompasses the art from the Impressionists (Circa AD 1880) until, 1970.  Contemporary Art encompasses the art from the 1970's to present.  If you look at the outline of Modern Art and compare it to the outline of Contemporary Art, you’ll quickly notice that there are far more entries on the former page.  This, in spite of the fact that Contemporary Art is comprised of many working artists making far more art.  Because there are nearly 10 artists in any given movement, it may be that contemporary artists are mostly working in "movements" that cannot be classified.  While it may be hard to classify emergent movements, "Contemporary Art" - collectively - is a much more socially conscious era than any previous.  A whole lot of art from the last 30 years has been connected with one issue or another: feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, bioengineering, global warming, AIDS awareness, and the human condition all come readily to mind as subject matter.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online was created by Artist and Art enthusiast, to be the ultimate meeting place for the sharing of art.  Our purpose is to create a platform whereby Artist can display, and ultimately sell their work.  We are the only online gallery that limits the number of artists represented and only accept artists, whose work speak with a strong point of view, and meet our high standard of quality.  

Contemporary Art Gallery Online specializes in all contemporary work.  We encourage the exploration of art, discussion of art and the support of those who create art.  Take your time and peruse our online gallery.  Find what speaks to you and share it with others. 

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is Always Showcasing Tomorrow’s Art Giants, Today!

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