About the Artist:
Trina Wilko lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.  She is a professor in the Early Childhood Education Department at Concordia University and a Faculty Supervisor for student teachers.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia and a Master’s of Education in the Arts from McGill University.
Artistic pursuits are woven into the fabric of her life; painting, drawing and art education are a mainstay, and reflect the growth of a commitment to art through her careers as a graphic designer for a chain of fashion stores, as a ceramic artist and teacher, and as a writer and illustrator.
She wrote and published a children’s book, ‘The Lively Lines of Linus’, as an art teaching tool for the classroom teacher.  The playful story connects fundamental art vocabulary with the art making process, thereby preparing the student for conversation about art.

Trina's Artist Statement:
"My current work reflects a goal to achieve aesthetic balance regardless of figurative or abstract content; to adapt a formalist composition of line, shape, space, texture and color out of chaos; and to release my subliminal spirit. Through acrylic paint, various acrylic textural mediums, collage, oil pastels and an expressionist process, I hope to connect to the viewer through the mood of the work."

Trina's Art Process:
"My process begins with gestural brush strokes applied randomly from a spontaneously selected color palette. The materials are applied with an impulsive emotional and energetic focus that is both exciting and agitating at the same time; it is a rapid and active dialogue between ‘my self’ and the work. This action, however, is not conveyed thoughtlessly. Although it begins with a measure of abandon, the expression evolves to the point where formalist decisions become my main concern.  Although this painterly process is liberating, it inevitably constructs compositional problems that I struggle to solve using formalist criteria; it is ultimately a spiritual workout."

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