Tara Francoise Downs
About the Artist:
Tara Francosie is from Portland, Oregon but everyone there calls her Tara, so we will as well.  Tara is new to the art world but her drawings are full of vibrant colors.  Her images can be described as:  delicate, intricate and full of life and dimension.

Artist Statement:
"All my art is done with gel pen and chalk on paper. A very simple approach but the results are intriguing and original.
This is my recovery, without my art I would be lost to a world of darkness. I want to share it with the world."
Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

            Tara Francoise puts all of her emotion into a piece. Gel pens are her medium of choice.  Although, viewing her work, one would think she was using pen and ink. She is stretching her medium and has taken total control. Each piece Francoise creates contains her emotion at the time she is developing the work. She uses organic shapes, movements, and colors to illustrate that experience.
            Art can be a therapeutic experience. In Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night we see a very expressive night scene. When Van Gogh painted this piece, he was staying in an asylum. Through his brushwork and color choices, we see a sense of wonder as well as dark figures and isolation. In Francoise’s Hawk’s Claw, the viewer could sense anger. The black darkens the bright pink and orange, which gives off the idea of fire.

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