Cherie Kemmerer
Rocky Mountain Floral

My art style is inspired by Van Gogh and Seurat impressionist painters.

Jennifer Stottle Taylor
There's Not a Cloud in the Sky Downtown
Oil Mixed Media
$750 $1250

Debbie Lewis
Belmont Shore Home Magnolia House Virginia Country Club Home
Watercolor Watercolor Watercolor

I am a self-taught watercolor artist. I specialize in house portraits. These three paintings were done for clients who love their homes! I especially like painting high-contrast, colorful scenes.

Charlotte Schuld
Univeral Desire I:  Home
"Universal Desire I: Home" is from my series "Universal" where I explore the Needs, Calls and Desires of humans through nature scenes. We are more alike than different and this is my voice calling for understanding. My first thought was that "Home" was a need--but then I realized the need was for shelter-what we desire is a home where we can create the protected space for self and loved ones. I felt the desire for home went to the cellular level so I included a molecular pattern that is included in the image. Also, repeating our universality- the pattern in the top right corner is the carbon atom's orbital path--we are all carbon-based!. I am a professional artist currently working on landscapes in acrylic in a style that walks a fine line between realism and impressionism.

Laura Brozek
Noose Precipice
Acrylic Acrylic
Although not pretty, my pieces depict the struggles in my family and the coping mechanisms I used to survive. I am currently unemployed and I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion which is art. When I read the theme of the competition, I was reminded of work I had done in 2000. For many the word Home conjures feelings of safety. For me, the meaning of safe is not the first feeling I have. For me, my home was filled with chaos. I escaped into the safe harbor of my addictions. My habit, my mind, became my home.

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