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About the Art:
Mixed Media

About the Artist:
A native Oregonian, Sarah Wooley grew up in a very artistic home, with an artist for a mom (Angelina Woolley) and an eccentric art dealer for a father, owner of the Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, OR.  She also has one brother who is one of her favorite people on earth, Colin.
She has a strong passion to create. She has taken a variety of classes over the years in drawing, painting, figure sculpting, mixed media, and photography, and received her B.A. in Creative Writing and Fine Art from Marylhurst University. 

Sarah's Artist Statement:
“My art is an outpouring of who I believe I was created to be. My aim is to offer truth, nourishment, beauty, and hope through my art as well as to coax others to express themselves through creative means.”
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