About the Artist:

About Michelle's Art:
The camera lens has been a key to a locked door that once I opened, I couldn’t close. Nowadays I am never without my camera and I delight in finding quiet moments and capturing them–letting a subject’s natural beauty show.
My main inspirations often involve the mundane, the things we often don’t even give a second look at in our day to day lives. My most satisfying images are those that reveal something new out of things that have been seen hundreds of times.
As with any photographer, light is the starting point and when I find that special light the camera allows me to show the unique in the trees, animals, buildings and people that have been in front of me the entire time.

Michelle's Artist Statement:
"My focus is on seeing the beauty of nature that we can overlook or miss in our everyday lives. The droplets are so small and temporary, but reflect back at us. I hope with my images to open people up to the beauty around us."

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