About John Longbow:
John Longbow, who resides in New Mexico, is a professional musician; Luthier “guitar builder”; and image manipulator.  John holds a Bachelor of Music degree and holds a minor in, Industrial Manufacturing.  John began manipulating photographs while on the road playing with the band.  While visiting Mexico, John was taught to look at images beyond their traditional physical presence. 
John’s Personal Statement:
"Through pictures, symbols, and totems; I see the spirit of the image.  I then manipulate the image to speak what I see.  I hope these images stop you… and make you think differently." 
Comments by the Assistant Curator

Comments by the Assistant Curator

John Longbow’s manipulated photographs are visually intense.  Longbow wants to find the spirituality in the environment, both natural, and man-made.  His goal is to create a totem of each piece.  A totem is when an object is believed to have spiritual significance and is adopted by its symbol.  Longbow’s piece, Effigy of Baba Ramdez, is a great illustration of finding the totem.  Baba Ramdez popularized yoga, an already spiritual exercise.  The image puts Ramdez in the center of some kind of Indian protest.  Ramdez has become the totem for health conscious Indians.
Mandala is a common form of spiritual art for the Hindus and the Buddhists. They are well known to be created of geometric shapes and to grasp the spirit.  More recently, Christian mandalas can be found; portraits and an environment can even be seen.  Longbow has chosen a more contemporary version, finding the spirit through art, by capturing events and abstracting the scene later.
John Longbow's Radio Interview

John Longbow's Radio Interview

Listen to John Longbow's interview on An Artist Speaks, radio show.  
John gave an excellent interview.  

Listen to internet radio with CAGO Media on Blog Talk Radio
Listen to internet radio with CAGO Media on Blog Talk Radio
Gallery Dates

Gallery Dates

To meet John Longbow and view his magnificent images in person, he will be showing at the, Capitol 1 Art Show being held on, November 2.  Below is the address for the show:

Capitol 1 Show
7933 Preston Road
Plano, TX 75024-2359

We are very excited for John and we ask all who are in the area, to go and support John on his big night!  

Tell him CAGO sent you!

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