Tunkuluchú "The Owl in Watching "
Tunkuluchú "The Owl in Watching "
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About the Art:
Completed 2011 
Manipulated Photograph
14" x 22"  
Matt Paper

About the Image:
In the Maya lives a mysterious bird, that has always lived alone, in the ruins.  The Mayans tremble everytime they here the howl or Tunkuluchú sing.  As everyone knows the song announces death. Some say that he does it in mischief, others believe he likes to wonder, at night, in the cemetery.  Some people think that many years ago, a Mayan witch,  died and upon her death converted into the howl.

About the Artist:
John Longbow, who resides in New Mexico, is a professional musician, Luthier “Guitar builder” and Image Manipulator.  John has a BA in Music, with a Minor in Industrial Manufacturing.  While in Mexico, John was taught to look at a images beyond their traditional physical presence. 
John’s Personal Statement:
Through pictures, symbols and totems; I see the spirit of the image.  I then manipulate the image to speak what I see.  I hope these images stop you… and make you think differently. 
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