You Made It
You Made It
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About the Art:
Mixed Media

About the Artist:
Born in 1970 in Pottstown, Pa, Greg is a collage and assemblage artist with many, many disparate influences. In no way formally trained yet completely informed of style via 100 years’ worth of kitsch and genre publications
Greg’s work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions nationwide. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pa.

Greg's Artist Statement:
“My artwork takes a magical, metaphysical, and emotional view of the past via printed matter and culture. I deconstruct comic books, Victorian illustrations, and images of the sea and space. Engaging these aesthetic touchstones, I create wholly new situations and approaches to themes such as beauty, childhood, mystery and death.
I work with already existing, original versions of images and occasionally augment them with paint. I tend to gravitate towards the colors blue and green and am fascinated by images of sleep and dreams.
In short, I am directed by the images, the messages they whisper to me, the way they push my hand makes me in service of the images passing along the secrets to the viewer’s eye.”
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