About the Artist:

Emily graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in graphic design. Her experience
from working as a graphic designer has allowed her to see the empty canvas the way she viewed a new brochure to design. Composition, design elements, color and overall look are important in any
medium she  uses.   Her mixed-media paintings consist of acrylics, textured papers, textured gel mediums, oils and oil  pastels. She incorporates a lot of torn paper in some of her work for added depth and gel mediums for  added textures. Brush strokes and textures are very important in her work and she likes working on  different parts of the canvas to create small paintings within paintings. 

Emily's Artist Statement:

“My work has often been linked to the Fauvist Movement of Matisse, Derain and Vlaminck, where the subject matters they painted were turned into pure color, forceful brushstrokes and deep emotions. They rejected traditional renderings of three-dimensional space and instead, chose to create paintings where space was defined by movement of color and composition. They had, as I do, a strong expressive reaction to the subjects they painted”.

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