Muses of Masquerade
Muses of Masquerade
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About the Art:
Acrylic on Illustration Board
Created 04/2012

About the Artist:
Ernie Fournet received his art education from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1975 and from Louisiana State University with a Masters of Fine Arts in 1977.

Ernie's Artist Statement:
“My art is a reflection of my observations of life in southern Louisiana.  My subjects include people in costume: police officers in uniform or S.W.A.T gear, masqueraders of Mardi Gras, Native Americans in powwow regalia, Celtic and Laotian cultural dancers and, occasionally, area animals.
I consider myself a contemporary realist and like working with freehand airbrush for the photographic “soft edge” quality of the media. I also like drawing with graphite, colored pencil and, sometimes, pen & ink for variety.”

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