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America Works
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About the Art:
27" x 19"
Watercolor using Gemstone and Organic Pigments

About the Artist:
David studied commercial art at the Pratt Institute, he believes that Art is as much what you leave out as what you bring in. Light and shadow is used with beautiful effectiveness by David, each piece has been planned and executed with precision and attention to detail, or the transparency would be lost. The fluid nature of the paint would almost seem at odds with his frequent subject choice, man’s impact on nature through architecture. The precision in execution shows his skill and love for his art.
David is never satisfied with what he already knows. He regularly seeks out training in new techniques and skills. He is currently learning the fine points of working with gemstone based watercolor paint for a series of collaborative paintings with his wife, a gemstone jewelry designer. Each painting is to portray an emotion base on the collection of gemstones.
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