A Deeper Look:  A Conversation with the Artist

A Deeper Look: A Conversation with the Artist

Cecil Lee is a self-taught artist who stumbled upon art due to the gratification he receives from the creative process.  He has experimented with many different mediums and imitated other photographers, but then also decided he wanted to be unique.  He combines photography and the computer to create his work.  Lee has labeled his process, computer evolved photography.           

“Computer Evolved Art/Photography is the process of art evolving as the artist manipulates computer software and/or a graphic tablet.” This label, Lee believes, allows the artist to remain the owner of the piece rather than giving the rights to the technology. His edits are manipulation focused.  He puts in his personality and project objectives to influence the tools he uses. Lee is also a unique artist because he does not believe in a final print.  He often uses multiple images to create new pieces.

Light plays a huge roll in the subject matter and composition of Lee’s work. “Light influences depth, color perception, and can help elicit emotional responses of all kinds.” Each viewer will have a different interpretation of a piece and will find his/her own subliminal message.  Lee uses both natural and man-made lighting.  Lee compares his work to artist, Eric Stoller.  Stoller created light drawings and sculptures that played with light.  Similar to Stoller, Lee uses light to purposefully create his image.

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