Side Shot in Orange and Black
Side Shot in Orange and Black
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About the Artist:
Curtis Montgomery was born in Elora Ontario, Canada about two hours northwest of Toronto Ontario.  He grew up playing sports such as hockey and lacrosse.  However; Curtis made time every day to draw.  Curtis was educated in Toronto and London Ontario for illustration.  He currently lives and works as an artist in Toronto.  Most of Curtis’s works begin as a photograph, which he took.  After he chooses one of his photographs he begins to draw them.  Curtis works mainly with coloured pencil and acrylic on paper.
Artist Personal Statement:
“My artwork examines regional artifacts and Canadian culture.   I vehemently focus on subjects that personally resonate.   The goal is to connect with the memories of locals and inspire the unfamiliar.   My Photorealist methodology is focused on enhancing the reality of the subject in accurate pencil crayon and acrylic.   In sharp contrast, I also create graphic works in ink and watercolor, subtracting details until only the essentials remain.”

About the Art:
Side Shot in Orange and Black
This piece is a graphic image of a hockey goalie which is hand painted
Arcylic on Watercolour Paper
24”  x  36”
Framed and black matting
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