Rainbow of Tulips
Rainbow of Tulips
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About the Art:
Pastel on Paper
19.5" x 27"
Created June 2012

About the Artist:
From the days she was old enough to hold a pencil and scribble on her mother’s walls, Brittany has had a love of art. A pastel artist and teacher, Brittany lives in Montana where pine woods, majestic mountains, stunning skies, and rich vegetation and gardens offer ongoing inspiration for her art. She studied art at MSU Bozeman where she received her BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2006. The artist, who also explores colored pencils and watercolors from time to time, has worked with pastels for over ten years and enjoys the immediacy of the medium as well as the vibrancy of its colors. 

Brittany's Artist Statement:
"I am in awe of nature and strive to capture the variations of light found in the landscape, the bright colors of cultivated gardens, or a narrative aspect that grabs my intrigue. For example, I may focus on how the light strikes a mountain, a glowing and colorful flower, or the expression and character in an animal's face and body.  Flowers, especially, are my passion, touching an emotional string within me.  As Dodinsky says, “flowers are those little colorful beacons of the sun from which we get sunshine when dark, somber skies blanket our thoughts.”  This is certainly the case with me.  Their beauty and happy, lively colors are something I always come back to no matter my emotional state.  Pastel is the medium I mostly prefer to work in, though I also enjoy colored pencils and watercolors. My aim is to capture and share a moment of significance, meaning and beauty, and all of these mediums allow me to do that."

Brittany's Artistic Process:
"I begin each piece with a fairly well developed pencil drawing including many details and some areas which indicate shadows and highlights.  This is my road map for color.  When I begin with the pastel, I usually start with the background and work towards objects in the foreground.  Often, I lay in dark values first and lights last.  I use both the sides and sharp edges of the stick, as well as layering and blending to create large areas of color, and also refined hard edges and details necessary for a more realistic portrayal of my subject which is my preference." 

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