Proud To Be
Proud To Be
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About the Art:
Created in 2012

About the Artist:
Hannah Beck is a pastel artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Art Education with a concentration in Art Therapy. Following a gratifying teaching career, Hannah has begun pursuing her dream of becoming a working artist, choosing Pastel as her medium. 

Hannah's Artist Statement:
“The vibrant quality of pastels and the direct tactile connection to the surface, drive compositions that portray a tranquil environment with a focal point that speaks to my ultimate inner peace. Expressing life experiences through art is my natural focus. To connect with the viewer, by seeing, feeling and experiencing the world we inhabit, is the ultimate goal.”

Hannah's Art Style:
After the concept and structure of the painting is developed, pastel pigment is layered, stroke-by-stroke, planting the mood for each painting with bold and subtle color variations, giving each painting life and connection.
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